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Phillips Publishing, LLC is a proud publishing partner of eType Services based out of Austin, Texas. For over a decade, eType Service has delivered and will continue to provide your hometown newspaper through its subscriber services.

ABOUT eType Services
eType Services was established by long-time publishing and technology professionals committed to helping community newspapers thrive in the digital age.


Because we believe that a strong community newspaper contributes to a town’s history, identity, and quality of life, we are committed to providing affordable, easy-to-use digital solutions that will help ensure its continued success.

eType Services’ products and services are designed to eliminate the barriers to entry for small and medium-sized newspapers seeking to reach more readers — and increase revenue — through digital circulation. Our industry-leading e-Edition, web, and mobile products can be up-and-running quickly and do not require additional staff or infrastructure. We offer unlimited technical support, no startup costs, and low monthly fees.

We’ve helped more than 500 clients in 42+ states thrive in the digital world. We can help you, too.



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