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County Considers Property Purchase for Tax Office

The regular meeting of the Robertson County Commissioners Court began with a call out to local leaders in City and County management to sign up to attend a TDEM seminar this summer. The Debris Management seminar will be held July 29 through August 1 at the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The informative workshop, put on by Prepared Texas, will help city and county leaders more effectively deal with debris and damage after storms and help explain the process of reimbursement from the state after an emergency. The workshop will be a drop-in workshop to ensure that people can attend when their schedule allows. Commissioner Taylor requested an extra line-item in his current budget for a part time employee. Spring and summer road and bridge repairs can be an extra busy time for county workers and Taylor feels that it would be wise to get ahead of the work with some extra help. The commissioners agreed and Taylor will be looking for an extra set of hands to fill the part time position. One of the county’s Emergency Management Vehicles was recently struck by a deer and suffered thousands of dollars worth of body damage. As of yet, none of the local shops has quoted the county a price that could be covered by the insurance payout. The commissioners decided that they would seek other estimates before making a decision on where to get the repairs. After reviewing three earlier HOT funds requests, the commissioners announced that they would still continue to honor those requests, but were seeking clarification on some items. They also wanted to make sure that the library repairs would not be delayed if they did not have the funds up front to make the repairs and have the county reimburse. They also unanimously agreed to all of the HOT funds requested for the annual Polski Dzien which takes place in a few short weeks. The county still has ARPA funds to spend and they took steps to begin the process of spending some of that money to expand the county courthouse parking lot. The first step is to request qualifications for architectural services to survey the property and design the lot. The funds from the American Rescue Plan will give jobs to architects, engineers, construction workers and pavers. The biggest news came after a short executive session when the commissioners returned to announce that they would begin negotiations to purchase the Country Flowers building, located at 317 N. Center St in Franklin. The Commissioners have been looking at the property and negotiating with the owners for over a year and they feel it is time to proceed. They would like to use the property to expand the Tax office as well as add climate controlled storage for county records.

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