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Public Hearing on Transport Water Wells Attended by Many

Congressman Pete Sessions says that he loves to visit Robertson County, not only as part of his duties, but also as a friend to many of its citizens. Last Saturday, June 16, Sessions was pleased to catch up with old friends, and meet new ones, at the Calvert Community Center. The City of Calvert was happy to host the Congressman for a Town Hall meeting, where locals could gather and meet their representative face to face. Many community leaders were in attendance, including Mayor Layle Wright, of Calvert. Congressman Sessions spoke glowingly of Mayor Wright in a recent interview, saying “I have met with many of the new, young female mayors in this region. All of them are wonderful, competent and hard working women. Mayor Wright is one of those strong ladies who are taking the reins and doing their best work as leaders.” The Community Center was filled to capacity as close to sixty residents came out to meet the Congressman and have their chance to ask their questions. After a little time shaking hands, getting hugs and chatting, the crowd sat and listened as Sessions filled them in on what was happening in Congress and what he, personally, was doing as their representative in Washington. The topics ranged from national security, especially at the southern border, economic trends and even some international diplomacy was discussed. After his presentation, Sessions took audience questions and he was pleased with the nuance and intelligence of the citizens and their questions. “The citizens of Robertson County really understand politics and they asked good questions. I was happy to talk to them on such a wide variety of topics and hear their thoughts about what is happening in Texas, the United States and even around the world.” said Sessions. Mayor Layla Wright was pleased to see so many attend the Town Hall from all around the county. Congressman Sessions has been working with Wright, and her staff, to bring more Federal money to the area to improve the lives of her citizens. “We appreciate Mr. Sessions coming to talk to us and letting us have him visit our city. It was a pleasure to have him join us and graciously answer our questions,” expressed Mayor Wright. Mr. Sessions wants the citizens of our county to know that he is always happy to help out in any way that he can and that his office staff is very responsive to citizen’s calls and emails. Congressman Pete Sessions congressional office can be reached at (202) 225-6105, and his Waco office at (254) 633-4500. You can also send him an email by going to his official website at and follow the link under the CONTACT button. Congressman Sessions also wants to remind the citizens of our county that our chance to make our voices heard comes in November and it is important to get to the polls and vote.

Bremond’s American Reflection of a Truly Honored Heritage

This weekend, on June 21st and 22nd, Bremond, Texas, will burst into a colorful celebration of its deep-rooted Polish heritage during the 35th annual Bremond Polish Festival Days. This beloved event promises to bring together locals and visitors from across the state to commemorate the town’s rich history and cultural legacy. Nestled in the heart of Texas, Bremond holds a special place in history as the largest Polish community in the state. In the late 1870s, Polish immigrants flocked to Bremond, drawn by opportunities in agriculture and a welcoming spirit. These hardworking pioneers, many of whom found their livelihoods as sharecroppers, not only shaped the town’s landscape but also infused it with a vibrant cultural identity that endures to this day. “We are proud to honor our ancestors who forged a new life here in America while preserving their Polish heritage,” remarked Mayor Swick. “The Bremond Polish Festival is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the resilience and spirit of our forebears.” The festival promises a diverse array of attractions for attendees of all ages. From authentic Polish cuisine to crafts and cultural performances, there will be no shortage of activities to enjoy. “We have vendors coming from all corners of the state, offering everything from traditional pierogies to handmade crafts,” said local business owner and school principal, Kenny Groholski. “And let’s not forget our famous 5K Polish Pickle run, a quirky tradition that always brings out the competitive spirit in our community.” For visitors eager to delve into Bremond’s history, the festival provides a unique opportunity to explore exhibits highlighting the town’s Polish roots and its evolution into what is affectionately known as “The Polish Capital of Texas.” From historical displays to storytelling sessions, the festival offers a glimpse into the journey of these brave settlers and their lasting impact on the region. “We invite everyone to join us this weekend in celebrating our heritage and the contributions of our ancestors,” urged Chamber of Commerce board member, Keith Rekieta. “Whether you’re here to enjoy the food, the music, or simply to connect with friends and neighbors, the Bremond Polish Festival welcomes you with open arms.” As Bremond prepares to host this milestone event, anticipation is high among both residents and out-of-town guests. The festival not only serves as a joyful reunion for those with ties to Polish descent but also as an educational experience for all who wish to learn about the town’s unique cultural tapestry. For those planning to attend, the Bremond Polish Festival promises an unforgettable weekend filled with camaraderie, culture, and community spirit. Come rain or shine, the festivities are set to go on, ensuring that this year’s celebration of heritage and history will be one for the books. For more information about the Bremond Polish Festival Days, including event schedules and vendor listings, visit their Facebook page and follow them on social media.

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