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    Welcome, I'm Dennis Phillips, Owner, and Publisher of the Robertson County News which includes the Hearne Democrat, Franklin Advocate, Calvert Tribune, and Bremond Gazette.

    These four newspapers are all represented here as well as in print and serving Robertson County, Texas since 1893.

    This website is groundbreaking for the community newspaper industry, and we are excited that Robertson County is the first.


    You spoke and we listened.


    And, we continue to listen, so accept this as my personal invitation to send me a message, suggestion, or just say hello.


Welcome, Home.

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The Robertson County Commissioners made the much anticipated first Burn Ban of the season at their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 11. Robertson County is entering the driest months of the year and outdoor burning is strictly prohibited. Here are some helpful hints from the American Wildlife Service on how to prevent fires in rural areas. Residents living in drought stricken areas should reduce brush, trees and other flammable materials away from their home. Each year, machinery and equipment are the cause of numerous wildfires. With a little extra care, most of these fires are easily preventable. Clean accumulated grass and debris away from exhaust systems and bearings. Make sure all bearings are lubricated. Service all spark arresters. Keep a shovel, water and working fire extinguisher on the equipment. Keep vehicles off dry grass. Exhaust systems can heat up to 1,000 degrees and ignite adjacent grasses and shrubs. Park only in designated parking areas or over non-flammable surfaces (such as graveled or dirt areas), and never in tall grass. Expect the unexpected and stay on designated roads and trails. When operating vehicles “off road” (or across grassy or brushy open fields), there are many hidden hazards that can disable a vehicle, bringing the exhaust system into prolonged contact with dry grass, or brush. Grasses and brush can also get caught beneath the vehicle and come into contact with the exhaust system, allowing the vehicle to spread fire over great distances.

Burn Ban In Effect for Robertson County

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